Exhibition stand builders association of Tehran (ESBAT) is a non-profit association which represents more than 120 booth constructor in Iran. ESBAT was formed in 2013 and during the course of the last 5 years it has managed to become the most reliable partner for its members as well as governmental and private companies in Iran.

Exhibition stand construction industry in Iran like most of other countries consists of variety of activities like: Marketing and Consultancy, Design, Manufacturing, Assembling and Dismantling of the stand. The whole process requires Full Commitment, Punctuality, Chaos management skills and Know-How which all of those can be found in ESBAT’s members.

ESBAT mission is to gather information from the market through day to day visits and meeting they had in order to analyze the information and form the most proper platform for the Stand Builders as well as their customers from all around the world.

ESBAT vision is to provide a condition in which Stand Builders would easily be able to deliver the most reliable, efficient and competitive stand construction services in the region.

ESBAT works collaboratively with other exhibition industry bodies such as Iran International Exhibition Organizers Association (IEOA) and Iran Exhibitions Association.

Membership in ESBAT can be only achieved for those who have the stand construction’s infrastructure, experience and considerable reputation.

Web: www.esbat.org

Email: sbmtehran@gmail.com

Tel: +989021118571- +982122657025


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